Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thumbs Up/ Thumbs Down in Rock News

Absolute Garbage [Explicit]A big thumbs up for Garbage, the band that is truly Only Happy When It Rains, has reunited and is currently writing and recording a new album. This band burst upon the scene 15 years ago with a string of hits and solid-to-the-last-track albums. They plan to hit the summer festival season in 2011. A welcome return of one of the world's best rock bands.

Thumbs Down... The National Football league has moved away from rock and roll for it's Super Bowl halftime show. No more MccartneyBruce Springsteen - Greatest Hits, no more  Free Fallin' with Tom Petty. Times have changed for the worst. Who's Next you may ask? Not The Who. They have been there. We are back to corporate hip hop light. You recall the "great music" of Janet Jackson and the boob-grabbing Justin what's-his-name. No the NFL is not bringing out the artists who can write songs, play instruments or even sing for that matter. They are serving up a big helping of the lip syncing, cell phone checking Black Eyed Peas. The only thing that will save this Faux rock show will be a wardrobe malfunction by Fergie... Nuff said.


  1. Hilarious, loved this post. Short, sweet, and to the point. Can't wait to hear Garbage's next album. They are still my favorite band.

  2. ....and then Black Eyed Peas did two songs that the bulk of the backing tracks were cobbled from Dick Dale and something from the Dirty Dancing ST. I don't even want to mention Slash and "Sweet Child O' Mine". Then the track that I hear in commercials that bothers me.

    I like hip hop/rap/dance/pop music just fine. I'm even cool with sample based music but for some reason that halftime kind of bothered me. It had a little "standing on the backs of others" thing about it.

  3. Patrock, Great comments!
    Rock And Roll Detective