Monday, May 16, 2011

Newly Discovered Beatles Birthplace - Outside of Liverpool !!

The Beatles, John, Paul, George, Stu, Pete, Chas and Ringo (did I leave anyone out?) were all born in the greater Liverpool area. Only one Beatle, temporary Beatle Jimmie Nicol, was born elsewhere. Now, for the first time, the Rock And Roll Detective has located and documented his birthplace in the Battersea neighborhood of London.

Born on August 3, 1939, Jimmie Nicol lived in a row house that was newly built in the shadows of the great Battersea Power Station. You may recall Pink Floyd's Animals album portrayed a photograph of this famous location.


The first day in London, I thought it best to start at the beginning; namely, Jimmie Nicol’s birthplace home as listed on his birth certificate. So I took the Tube to Clapham Common and walked about two miles to 93 Silverthorne Road in Battersea.

Jimmie's Home is the door on the right.
The row houses where Nicol grew up were still in very good condition, considering they dated back to the 1930s and 1940s. A new neighborhood has sprung up with young mothers pushing their babies in prams. This is quite a change from the war torn, bombed-out city in the throes of rebuilding, when Nicol came into the world.

Since no has ever located and documented the birth place of Beatle Jimmie Nicol, I felt proud marking the spot. Not quite climbing Mount Everest, but it is fun to add new facts to the history and lore of The Beatles. This would be the only Beatles birth place located in London. 

Next time, the Rock And Roll Detective heads out in search of the 2 I's Coffee Club, where Nicol got his start along with Britain's first generation of rock and rollers in the 1950s. Also, we visit the Flamingo club where Jimmie briefly became the drummer of Georgie Fame & the Blues Flames, before being snapped up by the Fab Four!

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