Friday, December 2, 2011

Guitar Strings Used By Clapton, Santana and many more...

There is a cool web site out there that you collectors should check out called Wear Your Music (

Pete Who?

It features guitar strings used on the guitars of your favorite Rock And Roll heroes. The strings are donated to this organization and the proceeds from sales goes to benefit charities of the artists and to environmental causes. And of course the steel strings don't end up in the landfills. It is a win-win for charitable causes, collectors of rock memorabilia and the enviroment.

 The site also features other recycled products like bowls made out of vinyl LPs. There are over 150 artists who are participating at the site with their Ax strings.

Carlos Santana

You can even add jewels and clasps to the bracelets. And they make great Christmas gifts. Check it out.

Bob Weir (Grateful Dead, Bobby & the Midnights, Rat Dog)

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