Monday, December 26, 2011

Occupy Grammys - Who The F%*K is Linda Chorney?

For your consideration… Linda Chorney - EMOTIONAL JUKEBOX - Best Americana Album Grammy

I have been a voting member of NARAS since 1994. As a music historian I have studied the sometimes strange Grammy victories of the past. Equally strange are the silent, hidden voting blocks of music industry corporations. For example, could the Anita Kerr Quartet have really beaten out The Beatles in 1965 for a Grammy without the Nashville voting block quietly getting together for a few beers? I think not. By the way, we haven’t heard much from the Anita Kerr group lately have we? Well at least we all recall that her “hit” We Dig Mancini was far better than The Beatles’ Help!

Lately, the powers that be in the Americana Association are up in arms because Linda Chorney has been nominated for a wonderful new album Emotional Jukebox in the BEST AMERICANA ALBUM category of the Grammys.

Emotional Jukebox by Linda Chorney

So, why is the “Southern Man” so upset about Linda? One claim is that she doesn’t fit in the Americana category. Oh so Jethro Tull got a Grammy for Best Heavy Metal artist. No one seemed to have a problem with that, did they? Perhaps if they listened to the album first, they would see that Linda’s music is pure Americana! FYI Americana is not defined by Southern Corporate music alone. Or by some Association!

Another claim is “Who the F@#k is Linda?” Never heard of her. Oh I see, Grammy voters can only vote for Corporate Machine candidates that the Americana Association has “created” with questionable radio record spin reporting and ginned up articles with their favorite newspaper hacks?

The machine is telling Grammy voters they made a mistake nominating Linda Chorney for Best Americana album. Well, I listened to Linda’s entire album when she connected with me out of the blue. And it was, in my opinion, Fantastic. So I voted for her nomination.

Now I am voting to give her a well-deserved Grammy. I have worked for artists such as The Beatles, George Harrison, The Traveling Wilburys, Butch Vig and Garbage. So I think I know enough about good music when I hear it. I don’t need to be told who to vote for by Nashville or the Texas Americana mafia.

So, please consider listening to Linda Chorney’s new album and consider voting for her for Best Americana Album. Let your ears decide for themselves. Be independent, like Linda, not a corporate sheep.

Grammy Voters can hear most of the album here:

Check out her website and listen to some tunes at:

Jim Berkenstadt, The Rock And Roll Detective®.

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